Why the Philippines

Our location in the Philippines enables us to provide cost-effective recruitment solutions that are efficient, and reliable. The Philippines are also ideal for law firms because they are familiar with US law practices.

The Philippines, A Great Choice For Law Firm Offshoring

ShiftSixOS strategically chose to provide law firm offshoring to the Philippines because of several reasons. We chose to locate our offices in the bustling and cosmopolitan city of Manila, the country’s capital. With its population of 25 million, the city offers a vibrant and dynamic environment for business operations. Moreover, the Philippines boasts a highly educated and skilled workforce, making it an ideal choice for ShiftSixOS.

The country has made significant investments to establish Manila as a global leader in outsourcing services. This resulted in an industry valued at an impressive $250 billion. By establishing offices in the heart of Manila, we are positioned to tap into this thriving ecosystem of offshoring expertise.

Benefits of law firm outsourcing to the Philippines: Minimal language barriers icon

Minimal Language Barriers

One of the key advantages of the Philippines is that it is the third-largest English-speaking country worldwide. This ensures effective communication with clients from the United States and other English-speaking nations. Filipinos from Manila have developed a neutral accent that works well for US businesses. This is because their accent has language characteristics that lean more toward an international American accent. We know it is important for client-facing employees to be easy to understand. Therefore, ShiftSixOS makes an effort to pick candidates with neutral accents for those types of roles.

Benefits of law firm outsourcing to the Philippines: Skilled workforce icon

A Skilled & Diverse Workforce

ShiftSixOS strategically decided to choose the Philippines as its preferred offshoring destination because of the country’s highly skilled and educated workforce. The Philippines has cultivated a strong focus on the outsourcing industry, resulting in a pool of talented professionals with the necessary qualifications and expertise. This diverse workforce encompasses a range of fields, including legal and IT services, marketing, software development, client intake, and more. It is easy to find candidates that fit the recruitment needs of law firms here.

Benefits of law firm outsourcing to the Philippines: US law practice

Familiarity With US Law Practices

Filipinos frequently collaborate with American companies, which sets them apart in their familiarity with US law practices. This familiarity ensures a seamless integration of processes and understanding of the specific requirements of ShiftSixOS’s US clients. The combination of a highly skilled labor force and their experience in working with US partners makes Manila an ideal choice for ShiftSixOS to deliver top-notch services while maintaining a high level of compliance with US regulations.

Benefits of law firm outsourcing to the Philippines: Cost effective icon

Cost Effective Recruitment Solutions

Law firms and tech companies seek to hire talent overseas because of the potential for substantial cost savings compared to hiring locally in the United States. By partnering with ShiftSixOS, clients can allocate funds to provide exceptional salaries to their offshore staff, while still maintaining a cost advantage compared to hiring domestic employees.

To get an idea of the cost of living difference, a US salary of $75,000 per year is equivalent to approximately $20,000 in the Philippines. This allows businesses to feel good about providing their offshore employees an excellent wage and benefits, while reserving resources to build their core team within the country.

Benefits of law firm outsourcing to the Philippines: Timezones icon

Time Zone Advantage

ShiftSixOS maximizes its operational efficiency by leveraging the time zone difference and implementing provisions for night shift work. This ensures a continuous workflow that benefits both the company and its clients. The ability to provide round-the-clock services not only strengthens the collaboration between teams but also offers a competitive edge by delivering swift and responsive solutions in a global business environment.

To facilitate night shift work and ensure the comfort of their employees, ShiftSixOS has equipped its offshore offices with amenities such as showers, sleeping spaces, and relaxation areas. These facilities are designed to create a conducive environment for night-shift employees, promoting their well-being and productivity during non-traditional working hours.

Get Started With Law Firm Offshoring to the Philippines

In conclusion, the Philippines is an excellent location for ShiftSixOS to engage in offshore hiring. This is because it has a highly skilled and educated workforce, and a strong focus on the outsourcing industry. This provides a rich talent pool for the legal industry to utilize. Moreover, the lower cost of living in the Philippines allows ShiftSixOS to provide competitively priced outsourcing services without compromising on quality or service.

To experience the benefits of offshoring with ShiftSixOS, visit our contact page and sign up for a free consultation. Our team can guide you through the process and help you tap into the exceptional talent available in the Philippines. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your operations and drive business growth. Contact us today and let ShiftSixOS be your trusted partner in offshoring success.