Grow the Law Firm of Your Dreams, For A Cost You Won’t Believe.

ShiftSixOS takes the hassle out of recruitment. We specialize in hiring support staff for law firms while extending our expertise to other industries. All for a third of the cost of hiring someone locally. 

Focus on your practice, while we handle the rest.

Let ShiftSixOS Build Your Dream Team, While You Focus On Managing Your Practice.

Hire Support Roles For Less

ShiftSixOS sources candidates offshore, offering competitive salaries aligned with their local cost of living, allowing you to onboard qualified employees at a lower cost than hiring in the United States.

Ease the Burden of Hiring

Recruitment takes time, patience, and money, but if you hire with ShiftSixOS, we take on this task for you. We send you candidate profiles that align with your company’s needs who you get to interview and choose for the role.

We Take Care of The Hard Stuff

We get it, no one likes filling out W2 forms, we’ve got you covered. When you hire an employee with ShiftSixOS we take care of all the admin duties that come with hiring them. This includes their payroll, tax forms, benefits, equipment, and more.

Enjoy The Benefits

With more money in your pockets and a growing support team, it's time to profit! Take that overdue vacation, invest in upskilling your workers, or expand your practice areas. The possibilities are endless!

Tailored Recruitment Solutions
For Your Industry

Law Firm Support

When our founders envisioned ShiftSixOS, their aim was to empower small and solo law firms with the resources necessary to compete against larger counterparts. Boasting over a decade of experience intimately connected with the legal industry, our team possesses a deep understanding of the vital support roles crucial for lawyers and is well-equipped to guide them toward success.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Get Onboard and Enjoy the Benefits
of Hiring Through ShiftSixOS

Are you ready to start the hiring process and acquire the support your law firm needs for enhanced efficiency? Reach out to us today, and inform us of how ShiftSixOS can contribute to the growth of your practice.

We’re ready to address any queries you may have and offer consultations, especially if you’re uncertain about the type of support that aligns with your needs. Simply complete the form here, and we’ll promptly reach out to schedule a meeting for your complimentary consultation.

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