Meet The ShiftSixOS Team

When our founders envisioned ShiftSixOS, their goal was to establish a groundbreaking company that would redefine the landscape of the legal industry. Their mission was clear: empower small businesses to not only compete but excel alongside industry giants. What sets ShiftSixOS apart from other offshore staffing companies is our unwavering commitment to assembling a team with the perfect blend of talent.

The unique strength of ShiftSixOS lies in the synergy between onshore specialists and the cost-effective advantages of offshore teams, resulting in a formidable assembly of talent that consistently delivers exceptional results.

But who are the faces behind the team, fighting so our clients can succeed? Allow us to introduce the remarkable individuals that make up the ShiftSixOS team and shed light on how each of us contributes to the seamless process of connecting you with the overseas support team of your dreams.


Meet Our President, Bryan Figueroa

At the helm of ShiftSixOS’s growth initiatives stands Bryan Figueroa, serving as the company’s President. Drawing upon a background encompassing customer success, sales, marketing, and management, Bryan brings a wealth of expertise to his role and proves his devotion to ensuring the triumph of our clients. His commitment is palpable as he tirelessly works to guide them toward their goals and objectives. When ShiftSixOS clients seek assistance in achieving desired outcomes, Bryan readily adopts a consultative approach, aiming to provide tailored solutions that align with their unique needs.

Bryan is usually the first point of contact for ShiftSixOS clients. When you reach out with an interest in our services, Bryan is the one who answers your call. With his guidance you will decide what roles will be of best use for your firm and he will prepare you for your in-depth discovery meeting. Afterwards, Bryan conducts regular check-ins to make sure your hiring process is going smoothly. Our clients don’t need to hesitate, and are welcome to reach out to Bryan with any questions or concerns they may have during the hiring process.

Meet Our Co-Founders

Steve Evans

Steve Evans is one of ShiftSixOS’s Directors and co-founders. He has over 25 years of experience in managed technology and has pioneered the Integrated Resourcing model which sets ShiftSixOS apart from other recruitment and outsourcing companies. Steve specializes in helping businesses unlock greater productivity and optimize their operations with customized offshoring solutions. 

Steve has established numerous offshore teams and led successful business process offshoring strategies for major brands. Steve’s contribution to ShiftSixOS extends to his extensive expertise in privacy and security standards, coupled with a thorough understanding of compliance.

Dwayne Marinucci

Meet Dwayne Marinucci, our third Director and co-founder at ShiftSixOS. With over a decade of experience as a seasoned entrepreneur and law firm business management professional, Dwayne brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Holding an MBA from the esteemed Australian Institute of Business, he is committed to staying at the forefront of his field.

Outside of ShiftSixOS, Dwayne works as General Manager and co-owner of various businesses, including small law firms. He has refined his skills in business advisory and development, making him an expert in the legal field. His extensive knowledge of law firm management positions him as a valuable source of advice, particularly on how outsourcing key services can provide small law firms with a competitive edge.

Jan Domantay

With over 15 years of experience as an attorney, Jan’s expertise is a valuable asset to ShiftSixOS. As a board member, Jan’s extensive background in litigation across all levels of courts, as well as his expertise in business, property, and estate planning, provides a wealth of knowledge and resources for ShiftSixOS to offer its clients.

Jan’s experience as the founder and Managing Director of multiple successful law firms has given him a unique perspective on the importance of building strong business relationships. His passion for solving client challenges is matched by his business acumen, making him an effective advocate for small law firms working with ShiftSixOS who are seeking to maximize revenue and compete with larger firms.

Chris Stock

Renowned as a thought leader in both the legal and LegalTech sectors, Chris Stock identified a significant gap in law firms’ support staff, inspiring him to co-found ShiftSixOS alongside three other visionaries. Chris aimed to craft solutions specifically designed to address the unique needs and aspirations of law firms, whether they be small enterprises or burgeoning legal tech startups.

In his role as a leader at ShiftSixOS, Chris stands out as a guiding force, leveraging his dynamic background in business growth and scaling – precisely what our company aspires to achieve for our valued clients. With a track record spanning over 22 years, Chris has honed his expertise working intimately with law firms and legal tech entities, positioning himself as a seasoned authority in the realms of industry growth and development.

As our CEO, Chris spearheads our team towards businesses within the legal landscape that stand to benefit the most from ShiftSixOS’s services.

Meet Our Client Success Manager, Armie Cassandra Isabedra

Although everyone at ShiftSixOS has a vital role to play, Armie Isabedra is the face that as a client, you will come to know the best. As our Client Success Manager, she will be with you from your Discovery Call, through every step of the hiring process, and afterwards, making sure that your hiring goals are met successfully. 

Armie has over 9 years of experience working in customer support, escalations, and service delivery and is well-practiced in providing clients with value in a service. She works as a liaison between customers and multiple teams, ensuring that all moving parts work in harmony together and compliment each other. Our clients are in good hands with Armie’s support in managing their success.

Armie and her team strive to understand our client’s needs by starting with a Discovery Meeting to uncover their goals and unique requirements for staffing their law firms. Armie says that she starts by asking them what challenges they need help with and how they envision ShiftSixOS’s services will help them to fill those gaps. By working with management or the owner of the law Firm, her team is able to craft a strategic plan for hiring that will help address their needs.

Once the requirements for a role have been decided upon, Armie’s team posts job ads on our client’s behalf and searches for appropriate candidates that would be a good fit for their wants and needs. Applicants are pre-screened, and then sent to the client for evaluation. Our clients get to pick who they wish to interview and coordinate skill assessments with. 

Armie advises clients to respond to our endorsements within 24 to 48 hours in order to ensure a smooth hiring process. This allows her team to manage candidates more effectively and helps you to secure your top choices without any hurdles or speed bumps. 

As the client, your next step is to communicate with Armie’s team and let them know which candidate you want to hire. You will then be sent a Service Agreement to sign along with the job offer details for approval. Once you have signed these documents Client Success will present the job offer to the candidate and secure them as your employee. 

Though the hiring process may be complete, Armie’s help does not stop there. Her team is diligent in making sure that your onboarding process goes smoothly and that you have ongoing support in communicating with your new hire. Armie has a ton of experience working with remote teams and is happy to help you with any issues you may have and provide any resource that can help you onboard your candidate effectively. 

Join the ShiftSixOS Journey for Legal Excellence

In conclusion, the journey of ShiftSixOS, from its visionary inception to the vibrant team we have today, reflects a commitment to redefining the legal industry’s landscape. Our founders set out with a clear mission – to empower small businesses, enabling them not just to compete but to excel alongside industry giants. What distinguishes ShiftSixOS is our steadfast dedication to curating a team that epitomizes the perfect blend of talent.

We extend this strength to you and your firm when you choose to hire staff through our services. Join us on this journey, as we work with you to provide exceptional service, innovative solutions, and unparalleled support to help you achieve your goals.