Avenue West’s Transformative Experience with Offshore Staffing through ShiftSixOS

In the fast-paced world of corporate housing, where precision and efficiency are paramount, Avenue West Raleigh and Avenue West Atlanta found a game-changing solution to elevate their operations – offshore staffing with ShiftSixOS.

Meet Kristi Davis: A Trailblazer in Corporate Housing

As the force behind Avenue West Raleigh and Avenue West Atlanta, Kristi Davis knows the challenges of managing fully furnished housing for companies that are always on the move. Seeking innovative ways to enhance productivity and streamline her operations, Kristi turned to ShiftSixOS for offshore staffing solutions.


A Phenomenal Experience with the First Offshore Hire

Kristi Davis shared her phenomenal experience with hiring an offshore staff member from the Philippines through ShiftSixOS. One might expect challenges in communication due to English not being the first language for the offshore team member, but Kristi was in for a delightful surprise.

“She writes more eloquently than I do!” – Kristi Davis

Contrary to her initial expectations, Kristi found her offshore hire to be not only proficient but eloquent in their communication. This revelation shattered preconceived notions, showcasing the exceptional language skills and dedication of the offshore talent provided by ShiftSixOS.


Expanding Success: Avenue West’s Ongoing Journey with ShiftSixOS

The success of Avenue West’s first offshore hire has sparked a transformation within the company. Kristi Davis expressed her satisfaction and confidence in the process, stating that they are currently in the process of hiring more offshore staff through ShiftSixOS.


Watch Kristi’s Testimonial Video

For an in-depth look into Kristi Davis’s experience and the impact of offshore staffing on Avenue West’s growth, watch the full testimonial below.

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