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ShiftSixOS connects American law firms with cost-effective talent by sourcing candidates in the Philippines, where the cost of living is lower than in the United States. Committed to reshaping the remote work industry, ShiftSixOS ensures our Philippine employees receive excellent salaries and comprehensive benefits for their region.

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Law Firm Support Role Salary Estimates

The market average salaries listed are estimates based on the mid-point in the market. We consider the midpoint to be a candidate possessing: average experience and the necessary skills to meet the job requirements. 

Prices listed are for staff working in ShiftSixOS offices. They are billed monthly and include ShiftSixOS’s service fee. 

*Reduced prices are available for work-from-home employees.

Looking For A Different Role?

Can’t find the role you are looking for? ShiftSixOS provides a diverse range of skilled professionals ready to support your law firm's unique needs. Just contact us and let us know what role you are looking for. We should be able to accommodate you!

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On average, firms can expect to spend approximately one-third of the cost when hiring through ShiftSixOS compared to hiring locally. This reduction in cost doesn’t compromise on talent or experience, as firms discover candidates of equal caliber to those found domestically. To give you a general idea of the differences in the cost of living, a US salary of $75,000 per year would be equivalent to about $20,000 in the Philippines. This gives you an opportunity to take advantage of low cost outsourcing while saving funds to build your core team back home

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Transparent and Easy to Understand Pricing For Remote Staff

ShiftSixOS simplifies pricing with transparency and clarity. There are no hidden costs and all our prices already have our service fees built in. contact to learn more.

What Is Included
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