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Master Law Firm Accounting With Peggy Gruenke

Elevate your law firm’s financial prowess with our exclusive webinar hosted by ShiftSixOS. Join us alongside esteemed guest speaker Peggy Gruenke from CPN Legal as we delve into the intricacies...

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Meet The ShiftSixOS Team

When our founders envisioned ShiftSixOS, their goal was to establish a groundbreaking company that would redefine the landscape of the legal industry. Their mission was clear: empower small businesses to...

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Avenue West’s Transformative Experience with Offshore Staffing through ShiftSixOS

In the fast-paced world of corporate housing, where precision and efficiency are paramount, Avenue West Raleigh and Avenue West Atlanta found a game-changing solution to elevate their operations – offshore...

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Welcome to ShiftSixOS

Get to know ShiftSixOS and what we can do to help you grow your law firm.

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How to Streamline Legal Tasks & Boost Efficiency

Watch our recorded webinar with guest speaker Jared Correia, as he shares his knowledge of how law firms can leverage technology to streamline legal tasks.

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Four people lined up for a job interview

Strategies for Attracting and Retaining the Best Legal Talent

Watch our recorded webinar and learn what steps your firm can take to attract the best legal talent. The world is changing, and so is the hiring process and what...

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ShiftSixOS Featured in Attorney at Law Magazine Spread

ShiftSixOS Featured in Attorney at Law Magazine

“Our law firm clients get to interview, hire and manage their employees just like any other remote staff, but they get to do so without the added paperwork and...

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Is It Time To Hire New Legal Staff? Watch Our Webinar To Find Out

In today's ever-evolving legal realm, recognizing the right time for expansion is a skill that can make or break your firm's journey. During this webinar, we'll dive deep into the...

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